Family Day for All

When you bring your family our to our Parade and festival we have mom, dads, and grandparents from diverse backgrounds all watching out for each other's safety and for our kids..

 Throw in a few officers and you have a happy and safe Parade.

The Excitement of
Mardi Gras is a Legacy for our community

I know you want to know why?!

Parades COST ALOT.

Insurance, Security, Permits, Public Safety, Beer, Ice for the Beer and so much more.

Without alot of donations, vendors and parade entries a parade cannot pay for its self.  We needed help.  Thank you to those of whom cared and were available.

We have spent 35 years sharing our humble lives with all of you. this parade has raised our children and yours to enjoy the beautiful diversity and joy of Mardi Gras.


Rubonia Mardi Gras